Impact Assessment

A Framework for Assessing the Poverty Impact of Small Enterprise Initiatives, Nexus/Donor Committee, 2003

    This paper is intended to help meet this need. It provides a conceptual framework for measuring the poverty impacts of small enterprise programs, particularly those that focus on business development services (BDS), and presents specific methods that can be used in such evaluations.

    Following this introduction, Section 2 discusses the logic underlying BDS programs, including the causal mechanisms that link program activities to poverty reduction. Section 3 focuses on specific methods that organizations can use to assess the poverty impacts of BDS programs. After presenting specific indicators of poverty, the section outlines the steps required to use five different methods to assess poverty impacts using a hypothetical BDS program as an example. This section also includes a discussion of potential sources of household income and consumption data.

    The paper concludes with recommendations that donors should consider in conducting impact studies in the future.