Impact Assessment

Listener Survey, MSE Radio Programmes in Uganda, 2004

    This Listener Survey describes the findings of face-to-face interviews with 1111 people in different parts of Uganda, to learn about listenership of the many MSE radio programmes now being broadcast in Uganda. It found that there are about 7 million listeners, including at least two thirds of the poorest members of Ugandan society. Access was found to be similar for men and women. Listeners indicated that they would like more education and information in radio programmes, and less music. Advocacy and lobbying on behalf of small business listeners was considered particularly beneficial by them.

    These programmes are broadcast without any subsidy for air time; they are supported by commercial sponsors, and put together by the radio stations. They are therefore self-sustaining, and it is hoped that the tendency of development agencies to pay for both air time and content production will not undermine this achievement.

    More information on the impacts will be posted on this page as soon as it is available; the documentation process is still continuing.

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