Programme Design

Improving Local Support Services for Agroenterprises, NZAID Honduras & Colombia, 2002

    Small enterprises that add value to agricultural production and are linked to growth markets represent a promising route out of poverty for many rural communities. To prosper, these small agroenterprises need services that often are deficient or non existent in rural areas.

    Methodologies for area and community-based small agroenterprise development that combine local strengths with external market, technical, and other information are being implemented by consortia of local institutions representing the communities, NGOs, and public and private sectors in Yoro, Honduras (CLODEST) and Cauca, Colombia (CIPASLA). CIAT's Rural Agroenterprise Project facilitates these local enterprise development processes as part of an R&D project to develop methodologies for more general application. Government decentralization in Honduras and Colombia created opportunities for local initiatives that could provide support services cut by structural adjustment and other programs. CLODEST and CIPASLA identified community needs for services that existing agroenterprise projects were unable to provide.

    NZAID-CIAT propose to facilitate and support the Cauca and Yoro consortia to assess the feasibility of local schemes able to provide support services the existing agroenterprise projects need. The program will facilitate the participatory design of - and pilot test, monitor, and evaluate - a limited range of support services. If the feasibility study is positive, these services will be expanded within the context of the on-going agroenterprise projects. The NZAID-CIAT program also intends to develop a methodology that other communities can adapt and use. The program will facilitate the local level processes in both pilot sites and ensure that they are well-documented in order to assist in the dissemination of lessons learned and successful results.

    Associated Activities and Documents
    »Value Adding, Agroenterprise, and Poverty Reduction: A territorial approach, CIAT, Colombia, Lundy, et al, 2002