Programme Design

Fomento Empresarial Bolivia - Swisscontact/SDC, 2002

    The goal of Fomento Empresarial (FOMEM) - Phase 2 (2002-2004) is to reduce poverty by increasing incomes through SME development. FOMEM aims to increase the competitiveness of SMEs by increasing their access to qualitatively and quantitatively improved markets for business services. FOMEM identifies and helps commercialize promising services for small businesses. At the same time FOMEM stimuates demand for business services among SMEs. FOMEM also assists microenterprises to form groups to address problems related to access to markets.

    The presentation provides an overview of the FOMEM project - Phase 2.
    The document describes the initiative (Asociatividad) to help microenterprises form groups.

    All materials are in Spanish