Business Information Services for Sri Lanka (BIS/EIP), Phase 2, GTZ 2003

    The report covers the third and final year of Phase Two of the Enterprise Information Project, which is designed to help SMEs increase and sustain their competitiveness through the use of business information services (BIS).

    A major constraint to developing a dynamic private sector in Sri Lanka - especially the SME sector - is accessibility to validated, relevant information services. This affects growth and SME ability to provide job and income opportunities in remote areas. The project supports the building of a wide network of business information service (BIS) providers and qualifies them to deliver demand-driven and economically viable services.

    The project helped organize a network of nine providers operating in eight locations. BIS is expected to become the core business of all EIP network partners.

    Five types of business information - General, Business Contacts, Potential and Trends, Sector Statistics, and Business Mapping - are provided and information is delivered via mail, email, phone, visits, fax, and the web. This reflects the importance of having several options for delivering information and the order demonstrates that ICT-based modes are important.

    Summary of results
    The attached report on partners' performance measurement outlines:
    * Past attempts at performance measurement and options for future monitoring and evaluation;
    * Information gathered by partner organizations;
    * Information needs and availability; and
    * Proposed tasks for EIP M&E and research and documentation activities and strategies.