Programme Design

Strategy to Develop Kyrgyz Fruit & Vegetable Processing Industry, Helvetas 2004

    In the mid 80s fruit and vegetable industry enterprises played an important role in Kyrgyzstan's economy, but the collapse of the Soviet Union resulted in a sharp decline in production. Enterprise development was negatively impacted by internal problems and a lack of managers able to function in an economic transition.

    Although the sector is growing and production is increasing, accelerated development of the industry is needed to secure employment, increase living standards, and reduce poverty.

    This document was designed to help coordinate and concentrate the efforts of those interested in developing the fruit and vegetable processing industry and achieving significant growth of the added value sector in 2004-2007.

    The document was developed using material from the Fruit and Vegetable Sector Development Strategy Concept, which was developed by Kyrgyzstan's private sector and the Helvetas Support to Private Initiatives Project. In addition, representatives of the government, donor organizations, agribusiness and related associations, consulting, marketing, and trading companies worked together to define strategies and priorities for developing the sector. This document constitutes an important step in coordinating their efforts and activities.

    Methods for info gathering
    conferences, meetings, and seminars

    Summary of results
    The strategy has a chapter describing roles of different stakeholders and the action plan based on this division. The document is expected to be ratified as a Government Decree by Kyrgyz Government. It is available in Russian.

    The project also supported a marketing survey of 16 types of fruit and vegetable processed products in 1,200 households in the capital city of Bishkek. The survey, conducted by local marketing companies, resulted in a trade mark and brand name for the Association of Fruit and Vegetable Processing Enterprises. The report is available only in Russian.