Cluster Access to Business Services - Implementation, Mercy Corps Azerbaijan, 2002-7

    The goal of the CABS program is to improve livestock farm profits and productivity by enhancing the ability of farmer clusters to access and utilize demand-driven business services, specifically veterinary services and embedded production advice. CABS has significantly impacted the use of veterinary and vaccination services by raising awareness about animal and poultry diseases in the target communities the ways in which services can maximize farmers' profits through proactive and preventive animal care.

    CABS helps build the capacity of veterinarians and veterinary drug providers and facilitates the development of service products that respond to farmers' needs. By educating farmers to identify early signs of disease, the program is increasing the demand for veterinary services.

    For those coming to this page from "What's New," the semi-annual report for Jan-June, 2006 has been posted. The CABS program began three years ago in southern Azerbaijan. In November, 2005 the program received additional funding from the USAID mission in Azerbaijan in order to expand to the north and central regions. Including these new areas, the program is now reaching 11,500 remote, rural livestock farmers, of which 36% are women, through 106 veterinarians in three geographically-based networks . In total, the program-targeted farmers annually contribute more than US$13.4 million to the regional economy in sales value of meat and dairy products. Farmers participating in the program estimated income increases at the household level of no less than 40% annually, due to improved animal health and the related increases in productivity.

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