Start and Improve Your Business - Global Outreach Study, ILO, 2003

    The purpose of the study is to provide insight into the worldwide outreach of the Start and Improve Your Business programme, based on secondary data. The document gives an overview of the outreach of the SIYB programme measured by 6 SIYB project offices that are currently active, serving 21 countries in their respective regions.

    Activities involve training of SIYB trainers, Partner Organisations and Master Trainers, development and adaptation of SIYB materials, from 1997 to date. The Master Trainers are the 'heart of the SIYB Programme', and come from for-profit (16%), governmental (33%) and non-governmental (51%) organisations; this study, however, does not disaggregate by type of host organisation.

    It compares the results obtained, with those available from programmes such as CEFE, EMPRETEC and MSI.

    Summary of results
    The SIYB training programme has operated, or is operating in in 90 countries, focussing on 21 project countries at the moment, with 77 active Master Trainers. About 2,000 trainers have been trained, of which approximately 75% are active. Over the last five years or so, the programme has reached at least 101,000 people.

    The SIYB manuals are the most translated and adapted to local contexts from all reviewed programmes. At least one quarter of all trainees have experienced positive changes in their business performance, such as increased sales and profits. With figures derived from impact assessment in the 21 project countries, it was estimated that SIYB contributed to the creation of over 9,750 new businesses and approximately 45,000 new jobs worldwide over the past 5.5 years.

    The impact of the SIYB programme may rise if better follow-up services are provided by SIYB trainers, and if SYB targets more actual business starters (people who are not yet in business at the time of the training) and if IYB is provided for existing entrepreneurs. In practice, the SYB is found to be used with existing entrepreneurs and IYB with business starters. This seems to negatively affect satisfaction levels and performance indicators.

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