The Small Enterprise Centre, GTZ, Occupied Territories, 2004

    This report describes an on-going facilitation project, which provides a coaching and mentoring service to people in small enterprises, to support them in identifying the services which they need. It also works with service providers to up-grade their offer, and provides financial incentives on a reducing basis, to try the services. The project has started work in Ramallah/Al Bireh, and is now considering an expansion to Gaza and the north of the West Bank. The progress report, below, gives details of costs and revenues generated.

    Summary of results
    Based on an analysis of 26 clients whose identified priority need has been solved by July 2003, the project had created:
    - 19% increase in employment, and
    - 16% increase in volume of sales.
    In the same period, a control group of similar size, taken from the information of the first-contact sheets filled in by new clients, had experienced a
    - 27% reduction in employment, and
    - 24% reduction in volume of sales.
    This means that the services of the project contributed to an increase of
    - 46% in employment, and
    - 40% in volume of sales
    in comparison to similar enterprises that had not had any contact with the project.

    Associated Activities and Documents
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    Synthesis Documents
    »The Growth Gap - A small enterprise phenomenon, Degenhardt, et al 2002