Programme Design

Kenya BDS Design, USAID/Deloittes, 2004

    The Kenya Business Development Services Program (Kenya BDS) is a 5-year micro- and small enterprise (MSE) development program funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The objective of Kenya BDS is to increase access to commercial BDS among rural MSEs within subsectors of high growth potential.

    Specifically, the program will select 3 subsectors of high growth potential for micro- and small-enterprises (MSEs), and identify market inefficiencies along the supply chain. As critical constraints are identified, the program will facilitate the delivery of appropriate business development services to rural MSEs on a commercial basis.

    The program will be flexible, and design/introduce new market development interventions on an ongoing basis in response to changes in the market. A significant component will be the Market Intervention Fund that will finance a combination of supply- and demand-side interventions, as well as information dissemination techniques to stimulate commercial transactions. Through the Fund, tenders will be competed among local business service providers and facilitators. This will maximize the utilization of local resources and Kenyan expertise, and encourage market sustainability.

    The efforts of the Kenya BDS Program will result in increased market transactions, enhanced skills, greater information, and ultimately more competitive MSEs contributing to the formal economy in Kenya.

    Associated Activities and Documents
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