Developing Value Chains and BDS Markets in Mindanao - SDCAsia , SC, USAID, 2002-06

    This program (Development of the BDS Market in Mindanao) combines the strengths of value chain and BDS market development by addressing constraints that block market penetration and sales and by developing appropriate business services, and SE access to them. Parallel assessments of the markets for SE products and for BDS identified the constraints and gaps and the program is working with both the demand and supply side of business development while also testing the market development model as a means of promoting equitable access to BDS for microenterprises.

    The project links small farm households engaged in processing and selling fruits and vegetables to growing urban markets by helping them connect to established processors, distributors, and services to meet market requirements and differentiate and diversify their products/ markets. It trains and mentors processors, distributors, and traditional service providers; facilitates service embedding and bundling and trade fair participation, brokers marketing agreements, and promotes a food quality seal for Mindanao products.

    For what's new visitors, the latest addition is the July-Dec, 2005 Semi-Annual Report.

    Summary of results
    As of December 2005, the program was reaching over 2,500 microentrepreneurs (45% women-owned) - helping them integrate into more lucrative value chains and access more profitable markets. The program was working with approximately 200 business service suppliers - both within and outside the targetted value chains - who are sustainably providing services to microentrepreneurs and small farmers.

    Associated Activities and Documents
    Programme Design
    »Swisscontact, USAID, Philippines, Developing BDS Program Market Design & Implementation Plan, 2002
    Impact Assessment
    »Developing the Kaong Value Chain in Mindanao, Philippines, SDCAsia 2005
    Final Documentation
    »Value Chains and BDS Development: Linking Communities to Mainstream Markets in Mindanao, SDCAsia, 2002-6