Programme Design

Swisscontact, USAID, Philippines, Developing BDS Program Market Design & Implementation Plan, 2002

    Swisscontact, with funding from USAID, conducted an initial assessment to establish the parameters and design framework for a BDS program that would help microenterprises gain access to lucrative markets and economic activities and assist in building their capacity to meet the requirements of the marketplace. The study showed the food sector to have the highest growth potential and the greatest involvement of SEs and the poor and it was seen as a means of improving conditions for everyone in the target areas.

    SC then surveyed the players and processes in each link of the market chain to determine constraints and opportunities; existing products, producers, and associations; market trends and statistics for the products most in demand; current services and providers; and the customs and practices of the target group. To help define services that could satisfy market needs, SC commissioned groups of providers to conduct market research on target clients, existing BDS providers, means of addressing constraints, and possible payment mechanisms. This activity gave the providers an opportunity to further develop their capability to conduct subsector/ BDS assessments and to enhance their understanding of BDS.

    The program strategy, focused on the fresh and processed fruit and vegetable subsector, was designed to integrate the poor into mainstream markets, develop embedded services, and ensure development of a market for BDS through effective facilitation. Program interventions - building the capacity of existing providers; developing the supply of BDS; and linking BDS demand and supply - were designed to respond to identified needs, constraints, and opportunities.

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