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DFID South Africa Improving Commodity Markets for the Poor-ComMark-2003

    The ComMark Trust supports and promotes policy, institutional, and operational initiatives that facilitate the development and improved operation of commodity and service markets to benefit the poor in Southern Africa (Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia, South Africa, and Swaziland.) It focuses on sub-sectors having the potential to make a major impact on pro-poor growth and poverty reduction.

    ComMark funds are used to facilitate, improve, and catalyze (rather than set up, manage, or operate) institutions, processes, and practices that have a direct bearing on pro-poor market growth. ComMark works with institutions that have the capacity, ownership, and commitment to influence and improve the efficiency of sub-sector operations. Initial project focus is on the textile and apparel, agribusiness, and tourism industries and plans are underway to assess the potential of the red meat and cotton sub-sectors.

    To achieve its development goals, ComMark invests its funds primarily, though not exclusively, through grants to its project partners in support of a range of activities. Much of the work funded under ComMark is targeted at improving policy, legal, and regulatory frameworks in specific commodity and service markets, investigating and overcoming entry barriers for emerging businesses, facilitating business to business links, and enabling the establishment of commercial, public-private partnerships. Initiatives seeking a funding partnership with ComMark must fulfill specific governance, operating, and development criteria.

    Summary of results
    For What's New Visitors, the March 2005 ComMark newsletter has been posted on the right hand side. It gives links into various parts of the ComMark website for updates on their activities.

    Associated Activities and Documents
    »Accelerating Shared Growth - Making Markets Work for the Poor in South Africa, ComMark 2006
    Final Documentation
    »"Giving Development a Face" - ComMark Case Study Series, 2009
    Synthesis Documents
    »Sixth Annual Service Markets Seminar, Turin, September 2005 (English/French/Spanish)