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AMKA Tanzania - Export Market Development Services, 1998

    AMKA is a Tanzanian NGO specialising in export- and marketing-oriented business development services (BDS) to small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in Tanzania. Its origins lie in an export development programme developed by Traidcraft Exchange (TX), a UK based 'fair trade' promotion NGO, which has worked with Tanzanian enterprises since 1987. On the basis of this work, AMKA was formed in 1994. Its goal is to "increase the incomes and numbers of Tanzanians (employees and/or producers) involved in exports [and] increase the value of agricultural output in Tanzania via exports." In pursuit of this goal, AMKA undertakes a range of activities targeting the SME sector. These form a complementary market/export-focused portfolio of services and can essentially be divided into two categories: training and advisory services; and trade promotion and intermediary services.

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    »Harare DC Conference, 1998
    »Rio de Janeiro DC Conference, 1999 (global)