Final Documentation

The Swisscontact experience with Business Centres in Indonesia and the Philippines, 1999

    This case study examines the business centre experience of SC in Indonesia and the Philippines against the preliminary framework of good practice principles agreed by the Committee of Donor Agencies for Small Enterprise Development (1). It describes the approach in detail, especially in Indonesia where it is more developed (and where the experience of three business centres are explored in some depth), but the primary focus is on the issues emerging from the business centre experience which are of wider interest. Its main objective is to identify key lessons and principles of good practice in BDS and, where possible, benchmark performance indicators. The case is structured in nine parts, addressing respectively in Sections 2-8, services, clients, the market, financial viability, the funding mechanism, institutional development, and impact. Finally, Section 9 outlines some conclusions and the implications for BDS more widely. Appendix I contains background information on the current economic context; Appendix II provides details of SC finance support to business centres; and Appendix III undertakes a more detailed analysis of performance in the three Indonesian business centres highlighted in the case.

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    Final Documentation
    »Business Centres and Vouchers in Indonesia, Swisscontact 2002
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