Creating a Market for Management Training in Viet Nam, 2000

    This paper tells the story of the Mekong Project Development Facility's (MPDF) program from 1997 to 2000 to create a market in management training services for Vietnamese private enterprises. The paper deals with a range of issues that are receiving attention in the current debate on BDS, including:
    · use of preliminary market analysis
    · management of relationships with partner service developers / suppliers
    · product development
    · product marketing (promotion, pricing, distribution)
    · issues related to transition in the marketplace
    The paper provides background information about MPDF, the project implementing agency (section 2). It then discusses the Vietnamese context within which the project is being implemented (section 3). It continues by describing the events / steps that were undertaken during the initial implementation phase including market analysis and pilot testing, selection of service partners, product development and product marketing (section 4). It examines the results of the program (section 5) and the changes that occurred in the marketplace between program identification and implementation which led MPDF to modify and expand its strategy (section 6). The continuation of this strategy is the subject of the OLA paper, also presented at this conference. The paper concludes by drawing a number of lessons learned, that may interest either donors or BDS practitioners (Section 7).

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