ICT-based information services in Sri Lanka, 2000

    Compared to large enterprises, MSMES only recently began to realize the commercial value of externally validated business information sources. So far, they relied on information circulated among known business partners, neighbours or friends. This has created a rising demand for an external access to validated Business Information Services (BIS) at low costs.

    The Sri Lankan-German Enterprise Information Project (EIP) was created to open access to such BIS at regional level. The project aims at the use of BIS by the local business communities and supporting organizations through:

    1. Establishment of an ITC - based information system
    2. Creating a network of partners in the regions
    3. Promoting the use of commercial BIS

    Summary of results
    At this stage, the EIP can deliver only a record on its practical experience gained during the past 2 years. This covers the selection of private partner organizations at strategic sensible locations and creating network of partnerships between them. To initiate the development of ICT-driven BIS, existing info sources were identified and integrated in a common information platform. The selection and establishment of the ICT infrastructure was completed and started serving as a tool for communication and information delivery through the network. Simultaneously, demand for BIS was indentified among various client groups through a profound market analysis. The process of product development and a marketing strategy was initiated recently.

    Associated Activities and Documents
    Synthesis Documents
    »Hanoi DC Conference, 2000