Programme Design

Swisscontact SME Promotion Viet Nam, 2002

    The goal of the Swisscontact SME Promotion Project in Vietnam is to contribute to improved socio-economic conditions in private sector SMEs in selected regions and/or sub-sectors in Vietnam. The project will concentrate initially on the plastic sub-sector in Ho Chi Minh City but has the potential to expand to other areas in Vietnam. It will be part of a cluster of Swisscontact activities in the Mekong region.

    While SMEs are the ultimate target group, Swisscontact's direct interventions will be predominantly at the meso-level, i.e.: Support to organizational development of BDS providers. Macro-level interventions, which are mostly outside the reach of BDS market development approaches, address the improvement of an enabling environment in the plastic sub-sector and other sub-sectors that will be selected at a later stage.

    The project approach is anchored in the sub-sector approach and integrates BDS market development methodologies. This allows interventions in embedded BDS, and focus on services that tend to be sub-sector specific, such as product design, environmental services, and technical training. Also other interventions such as the regulatory environment and sub-sector supply chain will be addressed.

    The program will focus on specific tools to cope with gender-balance issues that will initially be applied in the plastic sub-sector. Environmental concerns in SMEs will have a dominant role in the support scheme to the plastic sub-sector, addressing the dual goals of enhancing both the environmental and economic sustainability. Socially Responsible Business (SRB) will get emphasis starting the further expansion to other sub-sectors where this will be a selection criterion. The application of SA8000 will be considered. During the phase 2002-2004, the project will make efforts to monitor and measure the impact of its approach in terms of job and income creation and their relation to the poorer on the basis of specific case studies.

    Swisscontact has entered into a strategic alliance with the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry to develop the SME market from the facilitator's perspective.

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