Programme Design

Cluster Access to Business Services - Design, Mercy Corps, Azerbaijan, 2002

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    The goal of the Mercy Corps Cluster Access to Business Services (CABS) project in Azerbaijan is to improve the profitability of clusters of rural poor and women microentrepreneurs by increasing access to a network of trained veterinary and production advice service providers, resulting in significant expansion of the service and final goods markets. The objectives of the 3 year project are:
    - MEs: Increase sales by an average 35% for 4,158 micro-entrepreneurs, of whom 44% are women, through greater access to services via 67 client clusters.
    - Providers: Strengthen the capacity of a network of 54 veterinarians and veterinary suppliers to provide innovative and quality services through improved business and marketing skills, resulting in an 87% increase in profitability.
    - BDS Market: Expand the veterinarian and production advice services markets by 70% and 59% respectively; sustain expansion through network and cluster revitalization and development.
    - Product Market: 22% increase in sales volume for meat products in the target area over three years.

    The Mercy Corps program strategy is to serve as a BDS facilitator, building on existing relationships and developing both client clusters and a provider network that will address market constraints and boost individual profits.

    Key components of the project are:
    - Raising awareness among animal husbandry farmers about veterinary and production advice services.
    - Developing or strengthening clusters of farmers to access veterinary services jointly.
    - Developing the skills and capacities of BDS providers (vets and veterinary suppliers) to respond to demand with appropriate service products and marketing strategies.
    - Assisting BDS providers to develop a network for information sharing and links to government sources of veterinary information.

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