Fintrac, USAID, Honduras - BDS and Agribusiness, Starkey & Coello 2003

    BDS providers in the commercial farm-to-market chain include fresh produce brokers, truckers, and customs brokers, input suppliers, seedling producers, specialty coffee cooperatives, and larger grower/exporters. Clients are small and micro farmers and processors. BDS in the agribusiness sector can either be fee-based or embedded, and largely centers around the provision of technical support and/or market information (see attached schematic).

    In the Fintrac/CDA case, it has been concluded there are elements of market information which probably fall into the 'public good' domain, but for the most part, BDS transactions related to the USAID-funded Fintrac/CDA program have been solely commercial-based. The facilitator - in this case, Fintrac - often demonstrates the need and impact of specific BDS on farmer sales, while concurrently strengthening the capabilities of BDS providers to ensure that subsequent client demand can be adequately met.

    The presentation prepared for the BDS Seminar in Turin describes the ways in which traders can be supported to provide embedded BDS to rural producers. This has led to substantial increases in access to markets, both nationally and regionally.

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